The health benefits of tea

The health benefits of tea

Green tea

For thousands of years, green tea has been the healthiest tea on earth. And that’s not surprising, the tea contains many nutrients and antioxidants that are good for your body and mind. Many of these vitamins retain their strength until the last nip. Also for this tea I have listed a few advantages for you:

The healthy benefits of tea

Green tea is known for an anti-aging effect. This is because it slows down the aging of cells (thanks to the antioxidants), which can reduce skin development for wrinkles. If that is not a big advantage …

Good for your heart

Drink one to three cups of green tea every day and your cholesterol and high blood pressure will decrease. This ultimately has good consequences for a healthy heart!

Good for your teeth

Green tea reduces inflammation and limits the growth of certain bacteria that cause tooth decay. It also contains fluoride, which is good for your teeth. So green tea is definitely recommended for good and strong teeth!

Tip! Try not to drink more than 5 cups of green tea, because it also contains caffeine and this is less good for you.

Rooibos tea

This slightly sweet, caramel / vanilla-like, earthy tea (actually it does not come from a tea plant but from a bush) has everyone in its cupboard. But what is rooibos tea good for? It contains at least many minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. A number of benefits of rooibos tea:

Various substances in the tea can reduce coughing and heavy breathing caused by an allergic reaction (and asthma). In addition, rooibos tea has no sleepy effect, which most allergy inhibitors have.

Stronger bones

The powerful substances, luteolin and orientin contained in rooibos tea, ensure extra strong bones. It promotes the density of the bones, which in turn prevents them from becoming weaker as they age.

Energy boost

What is special about this tea is that you can take it as a pre-workout drink. Because it contains certain substances (which are better than caffeine), you can start exercising with focus.

Tip! You can drink Rooibos all day long because it contains no caffeine.

Fun fact! If you order rooibos tea in China, you will probably get black tea. This is because “red tea” means traditional black tea there. Pay attention to what you order in Asian countries!

White tea

White tea is becoming totally hip and happening. The light taste of this tea is due to the fact that it is picked very early. This makes white tea healthier than green or black tea, while they come from the same tea plant. What are the benefits? I lend a hand:

The amount of antioxidants in this tea is higher than in the other teas. Antioxidants ensure that diseases are prevented in the longer term, for example antioxidants are also found in fruit and vegetables.

Good for your hair
The amount of antioxidants (can’t put it enough how healthy it is) help to treat hair related disorders such as hair loss and dandruff. White tea also contains EGCG, that substance improves hair growth, because it supports the hair cells.

Low caffeine
White tea has relatively little caffeine compared to the other teas.

White tea is a good solution for improving your memory or delaying memory loss. This is because the tea is full of catechin (protects against strokes).

Tip! Allow the boiling water to cool a little before you put the tea bag in, otherwise the tea “scares”.

Fresh ginger, mint, lemon, cinnamon tea
Fresh ginger tea

Lately (fresh) ginger tea, due to its somewhat spicy and internal taste, has become very popular (and it also looks nice). Ginger is not from a tea plant and is therefore officially not a tea, but it is very healthy! Ginger is full of vitamin C and magnesium. A few benefits about hot water with ginger listed:

It’s nice for your belly
Nausea, bloating or menstrual pain? A cup of hot water with ginger is a relief for these complaints. Ginger has the power to calm your belly.


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