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Our information has been curated and meant to best serve you as a user. Our sources include the National Library of Medicine, Health Journals, and other clinical back studies at various university in order to give you a broad but expert perspective.

RATTENMANIA, more or less, is an evolved blog for a clinical researcher where you can seek various articles of information. In no way is any information on this site an attempt to practice medicine, and the material is subject to conjecture, however we pride ourselves on delivering content to help you understand every facet of your body

If you’ve found this website, chances are strong you either were referred in by a friend, colleague, or patient of Nikita, or maybe have met with Nikita or members from his team. If getting more personalized consulting is something you wish to receive contact us with a form submission.

RATTENMANIA is a dynamic and expanding business looking to fulfill your consulting needs when it comes to health and supplementation. We’re here to help you understand all the intracacies in this process by giving you direct access to our staff through our contact form. RATTENMANIA is led by former clinical researcher Nikita Prozibrenski and his 12 years experience in health consulting.


Starting off as someone whom has had a largely holistic approach to medicine, the desire to trade people in the best way possible compelled Nikita to earn a degree for Biological Sciences at Dartmouth College in 2012. Furthering his own self education, Nikita has spent countless time bringing together a team of people and curating content shared site wide in order to assist you in your pursuit of better health. 


Please contact our main office between 9am-5pm CEST for more information about our staff and to further consult you on your goals for a healthier life!